Recovery, relapse, repeat.

I destroyed my body for a piece of mind that I never got..

My Perfect Addiction ..

You might imagine that a person would resort to self-harm only under extreme circumstances, but once I’d crossed that line the first time, taken that fateful step off the precipice, then almost any reason was a good enough reason, almost any provocation was provocation enough. Cutting was my perfect solution..




It doesn’t seem fair,
To tell you how I feel,
Because you’re going through so much,
And my problems can wait.

So I’ll tell you I love you,
And wait till you’re better again,
Because I love you,
Way more than ill ever love myself.

I wipe your tears
With both hands,
Because if I’m helping…

I failed as a student.
I failed as a daughter.
I failed as a girlfriend.
I failed as a human being.
i.o. (via nova-smrt)
Tonights the night i wanna do it, more than ever. Im thinking hard on it..

Tonights the night i wanna do it, more than ever. Im thinking hard on it..

brookwinnn omg. I literally was about to cry. You are so amazing and it means SOOO much to me that you still care. I miss you, we need to be close again. Youre still one of my bestfriends too, i know that i can come to you with things. Thank you so much, and i hope you know that its the same for you, im ALWAYS here for you, no matter what. Call me at 3 in the morning, and i will pick up. Ill probably be awake anyways. Brooklyn, you are one of the sweetest people that i know. I really and truly mean that. You have been through so much that isnt fair either. But life only gives you what you can handle. I learned that. I have tried to commit a few times. There was one time when i was completely talked out of it. Please talk to someone, anyone. Im ALWAYS here. Please dont forget that. I love you M&Ms. Stay strong

My Bestfriend»>

I dont know what I would do without my bestfriend. He seriously means the world to me. He has helped me through everything and without him I wouldnt even be here right now. He is perfect. Nothing, I hope will ever mess with us. Because if something was to happen, I dont think I could take it.